Move forward, on Wakefield, Quebec community centre


by admin on February 24, 2010

The Editor,

Re: Wakefield Quebec’s community centre alternative design

We (The Wakefield Recreation Association) provided Ms. Komendant with an opportunity to give us information with regards to her proposal for an alternative design for the community centre. This was in the fall 2009. Our Board listened to her presentation.

At the end, we explained her that we could not support her vision. As a founding member of the Cooperative, we have to support the actions and efforts of the Cooperative. There have been many legal steps taken, many public consultations over the last five years and after submitting a funding request to various government bodies, we found out last August that the request was approved. A realistic budget was established and there is a set of drawings that were approved. We recognize her efforts and vision. However we believe that it is time now to build – not in two, three, four years. The volunteers are starting to lack energy and it is time for a boost. Once we are done building, if as a Cooperative we do well business wise, then, may be we can upgrade and make it better.

But what we are going to have is going to be one of the best things that ever happened in our municipality.

Patrick Poitras


Wakefield Recreation Association