MRC best flush out safer septic waste solutions


by admin on February 2, 2011

The Editor,

Here’s another reminder why we should not install waste treatment sites like the one built at Farm Point beside the Gatineau River – one that still doesn’t work properly and one I hope never does.

I realize we need a septic system in the village, but there should have been a better solution then the system they’ve installed, one that will break down the waste but will still be putting chemicals into the river.

It’s not just antidepressants that go into the water, it’s chemotherapy medications, heart medications, estrogen medications or any type of medication residents take that will flushed into the Farm Point sewer system.

Or what about the one they want to put at the bottom of Echo Dale Road in La Peche that was to service the MRC? It also was to be built beside the Gatineau. I am hoping they will come up with a better solution.

In the meantime, check out the following site for information:

Lee Adrian,

Farm Point, Quebec