MRC des Collines road carnage drives at grievous statistical pace


by Lucy Scholey on April 28, 2011

Six people have already died on the road in the MRC des Collines region this year – more than the combined car accident deaths in 2010.

Five people died in accidents last year due to medical problems, speeding or driving under the influence.

In some cases, drivers or passengers were not wearing seatbelts, said MRC des Collines Police Spokesperson Martin Fournel. Otherwise, there has been no identifiable pattern to  accidental motor-vehicle deaths over the past few years.

The worst year so far was 2008 with 13 deaths, but the following year saw two die on the road. Fournel also notes that the six deaths this year were from four accidents.

However, the total number of car accidents has been steadily decreasing. In 2010, the number of car accidents reached a low of 560. In 2009 there were 773 accidents and 853 accidents in 2008.

Fournel viewed that trend is peculiar, considering the population increase and the number of cottagers who boost traffic flow in the summertime.

“There’s more and more people traveling in our area,” he said.

Fournel says it’s hard to pinpoint a reason for the decrease in accidents, but noted that the MRC des Collines police set up many roadblocks and handed out a number of speeding fines last year. The police conducted a total of 1690 operations, such as roadblocks and seatbelt checks, in 2010. The total does not include fines handed out for speeding.

Fournel said that it’s ultimately the driver’s decision whether to speed or drive under the influence.