MRC mayors string along as backwoods bully’s puppets


by admin on March 23, 2011

The Editor,

I’m stunned. I attended the public meeting Feb. 16 on the “proposed” sludge factory site in Farrellton. I was extremely impressed with the local participation of positive attitude.

But I left, mouth open, totally disillusioned on how the meeting ended. The last speaker asked a simple and specific question of to all the local mayors in the MRC: “In your hearts, do you think this is the right thing to do?”

None had the balls to answer. La Peche Mayor Bussiere skirted around the question, while the others (minus the absent Pontiac mayor), sat there, blankly. It seems that the other “mayors” are his personal puppets with Bussiere acting like a dictator – a bully from the backwoods.

Mayor Bussiere’s final legacy: The little guy, who polluted our river, for us and our next generations.

The answer is for the mayor to step down immediately, so that there can be an opportunity to develop a proper solution.


Philippe Noel

Lascelles, Quebec