MRC plan must weigh short-term cost against long-term loss of Gatineau river


by admin on March 16, 2011

The Editor:

I want to express my concern about the current plan for a septic treatment facility near Farrellton just outside of Wakefield, Quebec. I am fully in favour of establishing a plan for a septic treatment facility in our region, but I have grave doubts that the MRC’s current plan will protect the Gatineau River.

In the past few years, we have repeatedly heard about septic overflows in various locations around the National Capital region, with resulting concerns for swimmers, wildlife and drinking water. I cannot imagine that our region’s mayors could be so short-sighted as to build a treatment facility that would put the Gatineau at risk.

The river was the reason why many of our communities were established and why they continue to flourish, attracting villagers and tourists alike. I hope that it will remain a source of pride and inspiration for many generations to come.

I urge the MRC to consider using cutting-edge technology and to give more thought to a wider range of possible locations for the facility. I understand that new technology will no doubt cost more than the planned facility, but I hope that the short-term costs will be weighed against long-term losses should the Gatineau River be compromised by this septic treatment plant.

Krista Cooke

Wakefield, Quebec