Mud-slinging TV ads show lack of civility in campaign


by admin on April 13, 2011

The Editor,

As a candidate in the upcoming federal election, I have strict regulations imposed upon me by Elections Canada. I have no problem with that. I just wish my opponent would respect them, too.

My party also has realms of forms to file and rules I must adhere to.

I have to wonder, though, where are the rules for civility? We’ve had to endure nasty TV commercials. This week there has been televised mud-slinging like we’ve never seen in Canadian politics.

Yet when I spent time in Davidson, Fort Coulonge, Buckingham, Wakefield, Low and Gracefield recently, the people I met were always polite. Not everyone appreciated my political orientation, but we were able to talk respectfully with each other.

In fact, at a morning breakfast, everyone in the restaurant joined in the discussion. It was a great debate. We didn’t all agree on politics, not even on hockey, but we laughed and enjoyed the exchange with each other.

Canadians are not usually angry, nasty people. We’ve learned life is a lot easier when we act in a civilized manner. How come some politicians aren’t like us?

Maybe it’s time you imposed your standard of conduct on those who represent you.

Ask yourselves, have you ever had a chance to talk to your candidate, make your point known to them? Will you see them in your community after the election? Will they remember you, your name, where you’re from? Does your phone call or letter get answered?

Would your candidate welcome your views? Do they share your values? After all, they will be voting on your behalf in the House of Commons.

Election Day will soon be upon us. If you want to share your opinions with me, or ensure I know more about your concerns and your community, give me a call. My home phone number is 819-459-2416.


Cindy Duncan McMillan

Farrellton, Quebec


Ed. note: Cindy Duncan McMillan is the Liberal candidate in Pontiac in the upcoming federal election.