Musical poop in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on March 17, 2010

The Editor:

Municipal music is playing. There are lots of people, but fewer chairs. When the music stops, lots of folks are going to be left without a chair. In fact, they are going to be shafted.

A few years ago, threatened by the possible opening of a mega garbage landfill at Danford Lake, several MRC’s and the City of Gatineau finally formed a committee with the goal to obtain a single modern garbage waste facility for everyone to share..

Recently a senior official of the City of Gatineau informed me that, in two months, they would be sending out a request for information to companies that may be able to provide a solution. They are nowhere close to issuing a tender to actually build. I learned that there is currently no intention to request that a future garbage waste facility be required to accept raw septic waste, which is technically possible.

The MRC’s all have representatives on this committee taking their direction from all the mayors of our villages. It would appear that each mayor would prefer the more expensive solution to build septic waste plants in each MRC as well as to build a separate garbage waste facility. Citizens will pay dearly.

The eighteen villages in the Pontiac must finally close their landfills by this April. Their garbage will be transported to Lachute at the huge expense of $206 per ton.

La Peche residents do not understand why their municipal council agreed to put a septic waste facility in their back yard. They are angry and will demand that another municipality be chosen as the victim.

MRC Des Collines citizens need to create a petition demanding that their mayors ensure that only ONE waste facility be built, for all types of waste, and that the whole process to find this solution be speeded up.

MRC’s do a poor job of informing the people they serve. Last fall, the Minister of Environment for Quebec published a proposed Waste Management Plan for the next five years. She gave MRC’s 90 days to respond. Are you aware that the government is going to increase their fee to municipalities by $9.50 for every ton of garbage starting this April? Soon, we must extract that part of our compost that will not biodegrade, put them into brown plastic containers and pay for an additional garbage truck pickup. Without consulting with the people, there is every chance that the MRC’s will not contest this. You will find the damage in your bank account.

Listen closely, or you will not hear the music. When it stops, if you have done nothing, you may not find a chair…only poop.

Steve Connolly

Low, Quebec