Nakkertok land grab in Val-des-Monts, Quebec turfs golden win/win opportunity


by admin on March 23, 2011

The Editor,

Re “Nakkertok fights Val-des-Monts expropriation move (Low Down, March 9-15 edition):

The Nakkertok Cross-Country Ski Club has a 35-year history of fostering appreciation for fresh winter air. With it comes rich experience in organizing recreation activities and building facilities to support them.

Nakkertok originally approached Val-des-Monts about co-operating to provide soccer fields as a win/win proposition. There would be an ideal location for soccer, and invariably, some of the young soccer players would start skiing and strengthen Nakkertok’s membership with local people from Val-des-Monts.

The expropriate approach is an unfortunate and poor decision that misses the golden opportunity of working with Nakkertok to advance recreation.

Surely the judge reviewing Nakkertok’s objection to the expropriation will ask why 35 acres was targeted when four acres more than suits the needs for the soccer fields. Surely the judge will ask both parties to work together to provide recreational programs. Surely the people of Val-des-Monts will be better served by Nakkertok and Val-des-Monts working together.

There is room for the soccer fields and there is room for Nakkertok to grow.


John Burrows

Ottawa, Ontario