Narrow escape this time


by admin on June 24, 2009

The Editor,

At 5:15 p.m. on June 16, I narrowly escaped a head-on collision with a white PT Cruiser that was heading north on Hwy 105, just south of Hwy 366. The car drove directly onto the southbound lane, straight toward my car. I had a split second to veer off the road and avoid a catastrophe. A transport truck was behind the PT cruiser. If there had been a collision between my car and the PT cruiser, the truck may have also been involved in the accident. It would have been an accident with serious injuries if not fatalities.
I was especially shaken up by the incident because my two children were with me. The driver of the car behind me stopped to see if we were okay. She was visibly shaken. The driver of the PT Cruiser did not stop.
Driving a car is the most dangerous thing we do on a daily basis, but our attitude toward driving is far too casual. It takes your undivided attention to drive a car safely. Please put away your blackberry, turn off your cell phone, and do not drink and drive. It’s not worth the risk.
Carolyn Callaghan
Farm Point