Natural justice warrants compensation for Chelsea, Quebec’s Mrs. G


by admin on October 27, 2010

The Editor,

I was very happy to see the extensive coverage (Low Down, Oct. 20 edition) you gave to the story of my (former) neighbour of three decades, Carmen Griffiths, and to her sufferings imposed by the presence of mould in a decaying portable “building” at the Chelsea, Quebec School.

Carmen had acquainted me with her situation and my conclusion is this: If there is any justice in this province, the lady will get financial compensation for what she endured -  compensation via the School Board from the CSST and her pension fund.

She is the victim, like so many other workers, of the all-too-common refusal of authorities to take ownership of the health and safety of the human beings that work for all of us in public service.
May natural justice prevail for Carmen Griffiths!

Harry Gow,
Chelsea, Quebec