New highway in Chelsea, Quebec needs snow fence


by admin on December 16, 2009

The Editor,

The new Hwy 5 stub north to (nearly) Meech Creek in Chelsea, Quebec has its attractions – and its drawbacks.  On the day of the first snowstorm of the season I was (cautiously) coming south from Masham and got onto the new bit of four-lane road.

The 400 metres or so of four lanes were sheltered by topography and a wisp of woods. It wasn’t long though that the scenery to the right of the road opened up to a field, with blowing snow coming off it onto the road, worth of Hwy 417 near Casselman.

Sure enough, to my left there was a car in the ditch, with a group of people ministering to it in the hopes of coaxing it back onto the road.  Perhaps the driver had stepped on the gas because of the new lanes and came across unexpected snow on the road.

Normally, an exposed stretch like that eventually gets a snow fence and some evergreens.  The snow fence should go in now, the trees in the spring.

Let’s hope something is done before the new road’s exposed stretch leads to fatalities from snow blown onto the road.  Transports Québec’s money would be better spent on safety than on a surprise new exit into Meech Creek Valley!

Harry Gow

Chelsea, Quebec