Nice Chelsea, Quebec meeting, where was the Meredith talk?


by admin on March 31, 2010

The Editor,

The Chelsea, Quebec visioning process meeting March 27 met with many familiar faces, some smiling. Pleasantries were exchanged, followed by reminders to keep the tone of the meeting civilized. It must have been necessary to say that. I wonder why.

Unfortunately, the public address functioned miserably, as in the previous meeting. But the acoustics where slightly better with fewer words lost in the presentation. The mayor and some councillors took pride in being present.

So much for the “wanted” list. Some of the items may very well become reality, sooner or later. The burning question remains: At what costs, and what disruptions have to be tolerated, and how will all this be paid for? Will the answers attract a desirable growth to compensate for or share the burden? No one appears to have mentioned the Meredith Centre!

Kurt Burgstaller

Chelsea, Quebec