No Bell high speed in Danford Lake, Quebec


by admin on April 14, 2010

The Editor,
I would like to share with your readers another possible solution for those
wishing to have high-speed Internet service in the Gatineau Hills.

I live on Little Lake Danford, about eight kilometres west of Kazabazua, Quebec. Bell has provided high speed service to some residents living west of Kaz along Hwy 301, but it’s not available to me. After reading your April 7 issue, I am sure that it will be a frosty Friday before Bell’s service comes this far west.

In your article you mention the Internet sticks (or “keys”) that talk like cellular phones
to the communications towers and are capable of providing high-speed service. Another
similar service, from Virgin Mobile using the Bell tower, is based on a “Mi-Fi.”

This device talks to the tower and then acts as a wireless router for up to five separate computers in range of its Wi-Fi signal. Unlike the stick that must be located at the
computer being served, this device can be located in an optimal spot for reception from
the tower and it will then rebroadcast to the local computers it serves placed in
spots where communications with the cellular tower is not possible.
Virgin charges me $30.00 per month for up to .5GB and $35.00 a month for 1 GB of traffic with the Internet. For my purposes, the idea of having multiple computers all able to read mail, access Google and do simple things is ideal. I do not use You Tube or download movies.
I recommend this service highly, as it is faster that my Rogers Cable Internet in Ottawa.
David Bonyun

Danford Lake, Quebec