No excuse for dumping cats


by admin on July 16, 2009

The Editor,

Our family arrived home at lunchtime July 9 to find six tiny kittens abandoned in Radapaw Park, across the road from our house.  They were in a small cage and their eyes were barely open.
This is the third time in the last year that kittens have been dumped at our neighbourhood park.  The last time, we adopted the two kittens that we found mewing pathetically.  The previous time, another neighbour took in the one cat that was abandoned.  
This sort of kindheartedness, of course, is just what the cat dumpers are hoping for. But a neighbourhood can only absorb so many homeless cats.  Moreover, these irresponsible pet owners need to decide before they take ownership of a cat in the first place:  are they able and willing to either pay the cost to have it fixed, or to take responsibility for any kittens that are born? And with community initiatives like the Wakefield Spay/Neuter Barter Project in place, there is really no financial excuse for this kind of shirking.
Leaving the kittens to the mercy of strangers is not fair to the kittens, or to the community.  It is definitely not a solution.

Megan Nichols