No transparency in La Peche, Quebec


by admin on January 20, 2010

The Editor,

I am writing to you in response to last week’s article, “NIMBYers protest La Peche sewage plant”. As one of the “charged-up La Peche residents”, I would like to respectfully say that the article fell short of providing local readers with an accurate snapshot of the concerns raised at the council meeting.

The substantive issues giving rise to the myriad of questions addressed to our local officials go far beyond the fears of having this kind of infrastructure in our “backyards”. Although I cannot argue that the thought of a sewage treatment plant directly upstream from my home does not motivate me to get involved, I am left frustrated by the seeming absence of a transparent process that encourages public engagement in such an important and necessary environmental, economic, and political decision.

Despite the best efforts of community members at last week’s council meeting, there are still many unanswered questions about how decisions surrounding this topic have been made to date. For example: Why are there only two sites of interest in the entire MRC des Collines for this major treatment facility? Why are both sites located in the Municipality of La Peche, when ultimately the sewage plant will be catering to all seven of the municipalities which make up the MRC?

As an aspiring environmental steward, and advocate for municipal accountability, I urge interested community members to come inform themselves and show support at this week’s MRC meeting of Mayors Jan. 21 in Chelsea.

Megan Throop

Alcove, Quebec