Not everyone wants Wakefield community centre


by Nikki Mantell on May 25, 2009

The Editor,

I am reticent to go against the enthusiastic tide of support – I have enjoyed the many events that are being billed as fund raisers;  the bidding war for fancy desserts after the Mayor’s dinner was an extravaganza; and the generous donors each contributing $1,000 should be applauded.

I don’t wish to be a naysayer.

But… what will happen to the wonderful spaces that are used now for these events?  The existing library, the United Church, Vorlage, Molo’s at Earle House,  the Black Sheep;  The Grange, the Barn, etc.

All these places generously but also profitably accommodate community activities which will be relocated to the new community centre. Will their businesses suffer?  Their bottom lines will.

So let’s be careful before putting these existing community members in jeopardy.  They have views of the river and hills, they have unique character, they have served us well, they have withstood the test of time.

Are we marching to the tune of progress straight towards suburbia?  Is bigger better?

If you want a bigger library why not go and visit one.  Leave Wakefield library to be selective. If you want to go to a “proper” theatre, go to the many, many performances in town.  Our area is rich in the performing arts.  Wakefield’s richness is in its diversity and character – we use our buildings for multi-purposes – we are multi-purpose people.   That’s sustainability.

We can’t, as a community, let alone as a world, continue to build new/buy new and allow the old to become displaced and redundant.

Can’t we use the funds to better purpose?

Jane Gledhill, Masham