Not lost in translation


by admin on November 4, 2009

The Editor,

Sorry if I’m late to respond to your article concerning my mother’s death, Huguette Poulin. I live in a small village in central Québec which I consider light-years from Wakefield.

If your reporter Trevor Greenway would have been fluent in French, and had to write his article in a bilingual journal (unthinkable for the Low Down) he would have had to use the word “agitateur”: Definition from the Larousse French Dictionary: Person who provokes and supports social and political troubles.

My mother was not that person.

So I will let you go back to your Oxford Concise Dictionary to translate the unanimous feeling of our family concerning the words used in that same article.

“mauvais gout”.

Not to mention the picture of a dog that looked identical to my mom’s dog Claire de Lune.

As my mother often said: By choosing the Outaouais region I choose to live the

Two Solitudes…

À Bon entendeur Salut!

Mark Poulin

St.-Stanislas de Champlain