Opposition to free ride mounts in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on May 4, 2011

The Editor,


I have read with great dismay the letters to the editor for the past year, regarding the Meredith Centre and the proposed water and sewage system in Chelsea. Almost all letters have been in protest of these endeavours. Yet elected officials continue to move forward.

I can understand the self-interest of the proponents of such plans since they believe it may ameliorate their personal situation. But I would argue that the proponents of such plans are not sufficiently self-interested. That is, they will not reach into their own pockets to realize their “grand plans,” but rather free ride on the pockets of Chelseaites, in the name of community. The articles I have read haven’t demonstrated a groundswell of support for these initiatives.

Elected officials should realize and accommodate these grass-roots views of their constituency, as reflected in this paper, if not at Chelsea events against such supposed “grand ideas,” and perhaps resign, or in the least, reconsider.

I speak for many. I can’t go to a Chelsea social event without individuals arguing their dismay about these supposed “grand plans.”


Marc Legault

Cascades, Quebec