Original focus of Meredith Centre strikes out in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on September 1, 2010

The Editor,
It is with dismay that I continue to read each week negative press clippings about the Meredith Centre in Chelsea, Quebec.

In 1998 I became part of a vision, called the Chelsea Foundation, to improve the recreational facilities in Chelsea. I served on the board of directors. I resigned many years later, when I thought the project was on track for success.

Our vision was to build a modest $3.2-million facility in planned phases. At the time, I was president of Baseball Chelsea and trying to run a program for 100-plus children at the local diamond in Chelsea.

I remember clearly telling our community leaders then that it was an utter shame that I had to send kids to the bush beside the firehall to pee. And 12 years later, it is, if anything, not much different.

Trying to move council then and after to grasp a vision and run with it has been like trying to climb Mount Everest. It doesn’t need to be; even the Great Canadian Railway was built one rail at a time.

Perhaps the project lost its focus with the promise of big grant money. But doing nothing is not the answer. Be a kid again and grab some friends and go toss the ball around for a while at the old baseball diamond. Hopefully, you won’t have to go pee. I’ve been there, and done that.

Dwight Cross

Chelsea, Quebec