Our Wish List for 2011


by Nikki Mantell on December 22, 2010

Dear readers,

‘Tis the season to be jolly . . . and thankful for all your blessings over the year . . . and to make wish lists for the upcoming New Year.

So here is our Low Down Wish list for 2011:

Wish No. 1: More fun on the front page. Even we are getting sick of headlines about sewer systems, water lines, high taxes and development projects. We know many of our readers are, too.

So here’s a wish for more of those stories that really show the colour and quirk of the Gatineau Hills: more dramatic deer rescues on ice (but next time, Milton Grace, wear a life jacket); adorable pet crows that live with the family; naked ‘running of the bulls’; legendary pond hockey tournaments; and those stories about the little guy taking on ‘the man’ and winning (Congratulations Serge Galipeau and Christine Landry on winning your historical SLAPP case). Got such a news tip? Send it in!

Wish No. 2: The first wish was mainly directed at Chelsea, so here’s another for that municipality. Wouldn’t it be great if a giant bag of cash dropped from the sky and solved all its problems: water line; sewer line; green, affordable, attractive housing for seniors and young families; a new train station with brew pubs and the rest. Then all the fighting and name-calling would stop, right? . . . Oh wait, that already happened when the government dropped $6.1 million on the Meredith Centre . . . and we all know how great that’s worked to unify the community. How about we settle instead for civility and a little more respect for elected councillors (remember, they’re your neighbours) who are doing their best to navigate the most crucial, and hugely complex issues ever to face Chelsea.

Wish No. 3: The Hwy 5 extension is completed on time, on budget and without spoiling the Wakefield Spring.

Wish No. 4: The Ministry of Environment gets its thumb out of its assembly of paper-pushers to take action instead on its promise to clean up the still-polluting Cantley dump.

Wish No. 5: Kaz community members keep up the good work, turning around this underdog “devitalized,” “ghost town” reputation and keep winning awards for its library and pushing for seniors housing and other projects.

Wish No. 6: That the giant Internet behemoth doesn’t kill our little printed rag.

Wish No. 7: We wish that there were no need for food banks in our region (or anywhere, really). But while real estate ads and our shopping pages may portray everyone in the Hills as Bobos (bohemian bourgeoisie), Statistics Canada demographics, or a drive down some of our country roads, will reveal otherwise. Don’t forget to give this year (and all year).

And finally, we wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and the happiest possible New Year. Here at the Low Down we are very grateful to be serving such a thoughtful, interesting, intelligent active, eclectic, fun-loving (most times) and spirited community.

Our job is never dull. Thank you to our readers; thank you to our advertisers whose support and trust in us to deliver the local news to the locals keeps us going, year after year. It is an honour.

See you in 2011.