Outsider no more savvy than McMillan


by admin on June 24, 2009

The Editor,

I was surprised by the Low Down reporter’s eagerness to write a paean to Greg Fergus even though he is not yet officially running for the Liberal nomination in the Pontiac riding. I can only assume his head was turned by the handsome, charming and urbane Fergus. What else would explain his condemnation of our hard-working, politically experienced, committed local candidate.

To determine Cindy Duncan McMillan’s command of French, did he conduct a lengthy interview with her in French?  Perhaps he would be interested to know that Cindy sat as member of the general council of the UPA (Union des producteurs agricoles), whose meetings were conducted in French and was asked by the council to conduct media interviews in French.

Does the reporter conclude that Cindy’s involvement with the Liberal Party since her 20s, her participation in numerous party conventions, her work on election campaigns and her candidacy in the last federal election have left her with no political savvy?

What about her co-chairmanship, with a former Minister of Agriculture, of  the 2007-2008 Agriculture Taskforce or her participation in last winter’s Rural Advisory Council, struck to develop agricultural policy for the Liberal leader? Any value in that experience?

Do we really need a stranger with no connection,  little knowledge and no experience of our riding when we have to represent us a deeply-rooted woman who has lived her commitment to the people of the Pontiac for many years through her participation in numerous local organizations. Having a parachuted member in Lawrence Cannon hasn’t served us very well – let’s not make the same mistake when choosing the next Liberal candidate.

Ruth Pickersgill McKane