Owed to Harper Ville signals turn for the verse


by admin on April 20, 2011

The Editor,

Democracy has vanished in Chelsea, Quebec

Ten years ago when I moved to Chelsea
I could make my own decisions
I could choose my own paint colour
I could dream up a business venture and actually dream that it may become fulfilled
I could hire a graphic artist (a professional) and make my own decisions on my corporate identity and signage needs, etc.
Those were the good old days.
In the old days you would choose a career path
Get proper education

And use the learned knowledge in order to guide you through your dreams
One would volunteer and get pleasure through the communities progress
This was a shared Canadian belief

We all had these freedoms
We all shared these rights.
Not anymore
In Chelsea our decision process is no longer our own
A non-elected committee
Chooses the appropriateness of your paint colour
And they also get to choose the sign alternatives that the graphic artist that you hired has proposed.
Forget creativity, individuality, freedom of expression, freedom of choice or even the simple ability to earn your own living
We in Chelsea have actual by-laws that prevent you of making your own decisions.
In Chelsea, if they don’t want you on a certain committee
Because, perhaps you have an opinion
You get kicked out or denied the honour to volunteer without substantiated reason for your exclusion.
Five years ago I could paint, landscape and choose my own sign
Five years ago you would never have believed that your elected officials would spend endlessly without a proper financial and administrative plan.
Luckily for Harper Ville we are in an election and now is the time to regain our voices
Maybe we can regain our basic civil rights.
A voice
A vote
All so banal and yet so important
Let your voices be heard and your colour be seen.
Manon LeBlanc

Chelsea, Quebec