Pheasantville is for the birds


by admin on May 14, 2014

By Perry Zavitz

Mario Lamoureux has a thing for birds. Pheasants, to be precise. Faisanderie, a.k.a. the ‘Pheasantry of the Hills’, is located on 20 acres in Cantley on a farm whose owners have been passionate about pheasants for three generations. Lamoureux’s father and grandfather collected birds on “the ranch”, which Lamoureux has now taken to another level with 30 species of pheasants along with several varieties of pigeons, doves, and a pair of very cute emus. With the goal of fostering awareness of nature, Mario and Marie Lamoureux are specializing in the preservation, identification, and reproduction of rare pheasant species. Lamoureux has managed to hatch dozens of rare birds which are on the verge of extinction (some of the species are completely extinct in the wild) with the goal of reintegrating them into their native regions. The business side of the farm sees Lamoureux selling live birds to collectors, keeping a gift shop well stocked with various feathery craft items, and holding tours from April to October – people can experience the many facets of pheasantry, be it for educational reasons or the deepening of their relationship with nature.

Lamoureux also travels to schools for theoretical and practical presentations covering topics such as biodiversity, conservation, and courtship behaviour, and even offers an incubator which he leaves in the classroom for a few days so that students can observe hatching taking place. If your interest is piqued, you can check out Faisanderie’s website at

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