Plans for Wakefield, Quebec industrial park verge on nightmarish


by admin on February 23, 2011

The Editor,

Say what? Styrene? Is this nightmare of ill-founded development plans for Wakefield, Quebec ever going to end?

Wakefield is under siege. Yes, that shining star on the map in the southeast corner of – and say it really loud – the Municipality of La Peche. No, you can’t just put your hands on your ears, singing “la-la-la-la,” to make it all go away.

Find Mr. Wikipedia and brush up on those old materials, science engineering courses to remind yourself about the chemistry of this stuff: benzene, ethylene, toluene, methanol . . . possible/potential/suspected human carcinogens toxic to gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, respiratory system . . . lethargy, memory deficiency, headaches, vertigo . . . la-la-la-la!

Only steam coming out of those towers, you say? M-m-m, I can smell it now, wafting over the blossomed orchards over there in Eco Echo land, that inefficient recovery of aromatics, those poor people downwind on Skyline . . . tsk.

Hey, why not get even more complicit with our destruction? After scraping off all that lovely loam, arable land that’s been resting, let’s just cash in all the chips, blow it all up

(at $400 a pound) and start choppin’ up the yellow cake.

How many crayons are those politicos over in Masham short of to fill a box, anyways?

Whoooh . . . blowing out a starlight candle.

Rita Komendant

Wakefield, Quebec