Police nab robber for 20 Chelsea, Quebec break and enters


by Trevor Greenway on September 16, 2010

MRC des Collines Police have arrested a 48-year-old Gatineau man after they caught him robbing a Chelsea home on Solitude Road Sep. 15.

MRC Police Spokesperson Martin Fournel said that police had been watching the man for quite some time, as a recent sting of break and enters have hit Chelsea since late August.

“We were watching him closely,” said Fournel.

“There was a lot of undercover cops in Chelsea today,” Fournel told the Low Down Sept. 15.

According to Fournel, the man had been knocking on doors in the south Chelsea area between Scott Road and the Alonzo Wright Bridge posing as a fundraiser or a service provider. If nobody answered, the man proceeded to break in, said Fournel.

“He was knocking on doors and if somebody answered he would tell them he was collecting money for his sick son or offering to clean windows,” said Fournel.

Officers had info that the man would be returning to a Chelsea home Sept. 15, so they waited in unmarked cars near Solitude Road. When the man began to break into the home, police approached him, but he managed to escape.

Police pursued the man in a chase and Gatineau Police later arrested him.

Fournel added that his department may be able to pin 20 Chelsea break and enters on the suspect, who has been targeting the area throughout the summer.

The individual is known to police, as a Canada-wide warrant was issued after he violated his parole conditions a few weeks ago. The man is scheduled to appear in court in the near future. Pick up next week’s edition of the Low Down for the latest news on this story.