Police state keeps kids in perpetual childhood


by admin on February 17, 2010

The Editor,

It may have been unwise of the parents of the nine-year-old to let him operate a snowmobile without, I presume, supervision. Fortunately no harm was done and nothing came of it – yet the government has stepped in via the police and fined them $500.

This, in my view, is completely a family matter – not one of the government, much as it seems to want to assume the role of Big Parent.

I mentioned the snowmobiling stories to someone who replied, “A hundred years ago we went to work in the mines or cleaning chimneys at six years of age.  Further back, Tut was Pharaoh of Egypt at the age of nine… We are intentionally kept in a state of perpetual childhood where we require permission, permits, licenses to do anything.”

If we look at Britain, they have now installed CCTV cameras in a primary school outside London.  In the U.S. some states have banned home schooling.  By what measure do governments give themselves this kind of authority – even more importantly, why do we accept this form of control?  How do we truly stand up for human rights when we don’t even start by standing up for our own rights?

Jayne Lemon

North Vancouver (formerly Chelsea, Quebec)