Police weren’t notified for Wakefield, QC Remembrance Day


by admin on December 2, 2009

The Editor,

In response to Phil Nolan (“Moments of silence for missing officials”, Letter, Nov 18 edition).

First of all, as the person in charge of the Prevention and Public Relation’s Section for the police service, it is my duty to inform your readers concerning our absence at Remembrance Day in Wakefield, Quebec Nov. 11.

The reason was that we were scheduled to participate at the Chelsea ceremony because three weeks prior the event in Wakefield, when we RSVP, we were told that there would not be any ceremony. According to the organisers, there was a problem with the Legion hall.

Unfortunately, the police service was not notified of any changes, otherwise we would have been present in Wakefield as usual.

Secondly, concerning stopping traffic during the ceremony, it is not up to the police service to make that decision. It is up to the organising commitee to prepare and present a demand to our force and to the municipality so we can, in advance, find an alternative route and make sure that all participants are safe. In conclusion, yes, it was embarrassing but sometimes things happen and we will try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Martin Fournel,

Prevention and Public Relations’ Section

Public Security MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais