Poo Party feeds idea for septic plant switch in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on March 16, 2011

The Editor,

So I just got back from the Mill Road Poo Party in Chelsea, Quebec. For those of you who have been hiding in your basements for the last little while, that was a get-together to see where the Chelsea, Quebec sewage lagoon is going and how it will disrupt an old established community.

What I can report is that the cookies were great. The chocolate macaroons alone were worth the trip.

Lots of people agreed that we missed Judy Grant and the quieter times.

But as I was coming home, a thought occurred to me that might be worth sharing.

What would happen if the Chelsea council decided to actually go with the consensus. If they did that, they might put the sewage lagoon on the Meredith Centre property. It would go well there with the traffic and lights. And put an oldster residence on Mill Road, in a quiet area close to walks by the river.

See how much support that gets. A lot, I bet.

Richard Herron

Chelsea, Quebec