Prepare to meet thy snowmaker


by admin on November 11, 2009

“Quick Batman! Into the Batmobile!”

“But whatever for, Robin?”

“It’s November. The road witching month. Time to get our winter tires on!”

“But why? The weather’s fine it was 17 centigrade yesterday.”

“Remember the November you skidded out of control, disappeared into a snowbank and had to be towed backwards through crowds of jeering criminals? And all because you wouldn’t put on snow tires. Do you want to be skidding out of control and ending up in the ditch – or worse? Again?”

“Remember, those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat the errors of the past. “So here’s the November snowfall record for the past 40 years: Read it and prepare to meet thy snowmaker.

Nov. 4. 1983 first slushy snow

Nov. 5.              2009 first snow fall

Nov.6            1987 temperature dropped 25 centigrade, one-day record

Nov.7              1987 first snowfall

Nov. 8              1980 3 cm

Nov.10   1971 10 inches; 1985 first fall, 6 cm

Nov. 14   1970 first fall; 1990 trace

Nov. 15 1986 first fall

Nov. 16 1983 2 inches

Nov.20 1972 8 inches; 1989 snow after 2 days record rain

Nov.23   1978 first fall

Nov 26 1998 first fall; 1987 28.2 cm, a record first fall. *

“Robin, vous avez raison! There’s not a minute to lose! The weeds of crime bear bitter fruit. Ha! Ha! Ha! And the wheels of winter need better treads! The Shadow knows. Ah Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Please Batman, don’t give the opposition free advertising. Crime fighting in the snow barely breaks even as it is.”

* Source: the personal diaries of A.J. Mantell