Proposed $14.3M sewer-water project far off-centre


by admin on June 24, 2010

The Editor,

What’s going on at City Hall? In May, Chelsea Council was presented with the final report of the Vision Centre-village public consultation project, 12 months in the making. This report made clear that “most Chelsea residents see the future of their historic villages grounded in their past as small rural villages, and are not looking for radical changes to this small, rural village character.”

Less than a month later, despite the fact that Council strongly supported the visioning exercise, Chelsea Director-general Paul St-Louis is quoted as saying that Council’s proposed $14.3-million sewer and water project will leave developers in the Centre-village area “no choice” but to increase the density of their projects (leading one developer to say that this would require a five-fold increase in the density of his project).

To us, the fact that Council appears prepared to proceed with a proposed sewer and water project that is directly at odds with the principal conclusion of the Vision Centre-village report is a slap in the face to all Chelsea residents.

Now is the time for Chelsea Council to assure its residents that, prior to any decisions being taken, fully-informed public discussions on any proposed water and wastewater project will take place as part of a broader public consultation on Chelsea’s future.

Sheldon Weatherstone is president of the Chelsea Citizens Association.