Proposed theatre space in Wakefield, Quebec suits us fine


by admin on February 24, 2010

The Editor,

Re: Wakefield, Quebec’s community centre alternative design

Theatre Wakefield is one of the four founding partners in the Community Centre initiative.

We are also the umbrella organization for WIFF (Wakefield International Film Festival), Piggyback Fringe Festival, Summer Film Camp, the Improv workshops currently underway, two mainstage plays a year and countless community fundraising events. Founded in 2001, Theatre Wakefield continues to grow and develop each year, and as such we cannot go on without a home venue for these events. The new community centre will give us the space that we have been working towards for so many years.

The vision since the first public meeting in 2003 has been to build a place where the community could gather to enjoy activities, not a theatre or a gym, but a community centre. The design of the Great Hall will not only provide Theatre Wakefield with a home, but it will also act as a gathering place where well over 100 people can come together for meetings, town forums, receptions, banquets, parties. It will be a place for theatre, music, poetry, dance, yoga. The possibilities are numerous. Theatre Wakefield needs somewhere to hang the $14,000 worth of lights that the National Arts Centre recently donated us, along with our new sound board (also donated by the NAC) and make it available to all the other performers, musicians and groups in our community.

While Theatre Wakefield and its partners in the Community Centre initiative welcome alternative views, we would like to underscore the fact that present plans were not arrived at overnight. A significant number of consultations were conducted and as such, we along with our partners are confident that the present plans account for the needs and interests of the community at large as evidenced by the number of lifetime memberships which have been sold. The time to break ground and move forward on this exciting community venture is now at hand.

Lara MacIver

Chair, Theatre Wakefield