Q & A comeback


by admin on October 28, 2009

The Editor

It was with great interest that I read the Q&As submitted to the candidates for mayor of Chelsea, Quebec which appeared in the Low Down’s Oct. 21 edition. Two things struck me when I read Ms Green’s statements:

1.  When asked about the Meredith Center, the candidate replied: “The Meredith Centre will be built with a “Design/Build with Risk Transfer” approach. This approach implies that any cost over runs will be absorbed by the construction company. They will not be passed on to Chelsea residents.” No company would run the risk of losing money on a project (that task is best left to municipal governments!) and so if any private sector firm is willing to guarantee they will not exceed the budget, it has to be because the budget is so padded that there is absolutely no way they will spend all the money.  That’s a damn good deal for them, but I don’t suppose we would get any of the unspent funds back? No, I didn’t think so.

2.  When asked what were essential municipal services, she replied: “Municipalities are required by law to provide road maintenance, fire protection, policing, snow removal, garbage pick-up and zoning regulations.” This came as very good news to those of us who live on private roads. I guess it means that our association can cancel our snow removal contract as well as the road maintenance work we have to do every year. Do you think we can submit our receipts to the municipality for reimbursement? After all, she says it’s a legal requirement. Also nice to know we won’t have to hump our garbage down to the communal garbage bins six months of the year.

I can’t wait to cast my vote!

Jeanne Gallagher