Quote of the week


by Cynthia Vukets on October 22, 2009

“There are a lot less women now. They’re afraid of AIDS I think.”

-         Captain Mohammed talks to me about jungle fever while sailing on his traditional dhow off the coast of Lamu.


The island’s men – all strapping sailors and fishermen, many sporting dreadlocks – used to do quite well with the legions of European and American tourists and volunteers that would flock to the island for romantic adventures. But now? Not so many ladies. Mohammed had fond memories of a Minnesotan Peace Corps volunteer who left him high and dry after taking his favourite kikoi (the “man skirt” all the fishermen wear. Like a sarong.) to remember him by. But white female sex tourism, as in older white women who come to get lucky with young black hotties, still seems to be alive and well on the Coast. Call me judgmental, but those can’t all be genuine love-at-first-sight, age-is-just-a-number relationships. The guys seem to be pretty heavily decked out in new clothes and jewelry and a disproportionate number of the women are sporting new “African” braids. But power to you, sisters. Why should men get to have all the inter-generational sex-for-money?