RBQ shade in Quebec protects bad contractors


by admin on March 2, 2011

The Editor,

Re “Protect yourself from shady operators” (Low Down, Feb. 23 edition):

The notion that you are better of with a RBQ licenced contractor is not right. There are good and bad contractors out there absolutely, but the RBQ has no hand in this.
Furthermore, the statement the RBQ does arbitration is false. They don’t.

I have worked with homeowners that were (for good reason) very dissatisfied with their RBQ licenced contractor and contacted the RBQ office only to be told that they should pay the contractor’s invoice in full and that they did not have inspectors to do arbitrary work.
See the RBQ, CCQ, CMMTC, and what have you are not designed to protect the homeowner and/or contractor, they are designed to line the pockets of the Hells Angels and the Risotto [sic] family. It’s government-endorsed regathering.
Don’t believe me? Take a walk in to the CCQ office in Gatineau (and) you feel like you have landed in a scene from The Sopranos.
Now where does this leave you homeowners? In no man’s land, really, because the BBB is a toothless tiger, they are not going to get your job done properly, best they can do is expel the contractor from their list.
And when it comes to a down payment on a job, sorry Diane Iadeluca, but a contractor is not a financier. Ten per cent, good luck finding a contractor that can afford that.
Meanwhile, here’s some advice for homeowners:
- Make sure that you have proof of the contractors liability insurance.
- Get multiple detailed quotes.
- Get references from other homeowners, not other contractors
And next election, vote for the candidate that wants to tackle the extreme corruption in  Quebec’s building industry as it could save you up to 40 percent on your next renovation.

Edwin Weber

Duclos, Quebec