Readers respond to interfaith call for G8 action


by admin on June 17, 2010

The Editor,

Thank you so much Low Down for supporting the Interfaith G8 Partnership “Call for Inspired Leadership and Action” with our specific focus on the eradication of Poverty, the healing of our Environment and committed action for Peace.

Your inclusion of this call on your Low Down website was particularly appreciated by our Interfaith Group (see

We are now in the closing days of our campaign for endorsements in the Pontiac region prior to delivering these to MP Lawrence Cannon as he makes his way to the G8 Summit.

We have gathered together strong support and would like to thank those of your readers who have signed up through their churches, religious institutions and through local libraries or general stores.

But for those who have not yet signed up, please do so online simply by clicking on .

Rev. Gisele Gilfillan

Rupert and St. Andrew’s (Wakefield) United Churches

Wakefield, Quebec

David Newing
Baha’i Local Spiritual Assembly
Chelsea. Quebec