Reminder: say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to Lorne Shouldice


by admin on June 9, 2010

The Editor,

Dear Lorne Shouldice:

Please. Know that when we read the plaque at the spring on Valley Drive in Wakefield Quebec, we send a little thank you to you and stand in awe at the foresight and strength you had back in 1986 when you worked hard to ensure it would not be buried during road construction and would still be here to this day for all to enjoy.
We will ensure that this water is not intentionally poisoned by the construction of a road we do not need and that disregards the current crisis state of our global environment.
We will work to ensure our children do not inherit a mindset that includes a lack of creativity, foresight and an ignorance of current events when going through with plans drafted when Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States and we were still building gas-guzzling cars and mega highways and encouraged urban sprawl.
We did learn from you that progress does not have to kill – a spring, an environment, a town.
And thank you. We cannot thank you enough for having the foresight you did back in 1986 and we will not let short sighted engineers and politicians, cottagers and commuters destroy what you worked so hard to protect.

Just like we will not let irresponsible projects that harm the environment, that ensure we stay addicted to fossil fuels, that ignore the fact that super volcanoes are going off around the world due to an imbalance in the whole structure of our planet (days of gushing oil in the sea floor).

We know that all this is indeed intertwined and has a bearing on a local highway project, a project that needs to change in order to ensure a better future for our children. Just as you worked to ensured a future for our communal spring.
Please know you are not forgotten. Thank you. On behalf of mamanifesto105.

Phoebe Manning

Wakefield, Quebec