Reporter’s finger-pointing makes garbage problem worse


by admin on September 16, 2009

The Editor,

To say that I am “disappointed” with the Sept. 9 article about the “illegal dump”, and the way that Edmund McSheffery was treated, would be a gross understatement. Not to mention the fact that the story became a sensationalized front page review.

I will try and keep my rant short.

First of all, shame on all those who trespassed on Mr. McSheffery’s property. Where I come from, a locked gate means “Private Property”. Thanks to this article there will be more “private property” and “no trespassing” signs popping up all over. No more hiking, biking or “mushroom hunting” on land without permission from the owner. Good work!

Second, the proper disposal of dry goods can be difficult, if not impossible. The dump in Perkins apparently only takes construction materials. So, for example, when your house burns and you have charred furniture to get rid of, they won’t take it at the curb or anywhere else because it is deemed “hazardous material”. Now what do we do with it? (This happened to a friend in Chelsea).

I also have to wonder about the environmental impact and expense of trucking all our garbage to Lachute – once again into someone else’s back yard. When are we finally going to do something that makes sense? How about an incinerator, guys? Let’s get off our butts and find a solution!

I’d also like to know how many older farms out there don’t have an old dry dump on the property. That is how it was done in the past. Not to mention that they had way less crap to get rid of in the first place, thanks to our disposable society.

My third point would be that Mr. McSheffery did not deserve to be treated this way. He is an honest and very hard working man that has been a part of this community before most of us were born. He is a good neighbour and great friend that would help anyone in need. He should not have been treated with such disrespect. Double shame!

Let me say that in no way do I condone improper disposal of garbage. Mr McSheffery has admitted that “some” of the garbage is his. However, a lot of the junk is not. There are others that contributed to that pile too. That is why the gate was put up in the first place.

One evening while I was out for a walk, I saw a car stop and someone got out and threw garbage into the the gully on Maxwell Rd. I was too far away to do anything about it, but I did clean it up the next day. This was thrown out on Mr McSheffery’s land. We have picked up garbage at the other end of Maxwell near Mountain Rd as well.

This is a big problem! But rather than point fingers, make accusations and write sensationalized news scoops that hurt people, why don’t we all work together to fix the problem? Our family has already offered our help to Mr. McSheffery. Any other volunteers? Mr Greenway? Mr Burgess? How about you?

Oh well Edmund, at least they got your name right.

Wendy Harris