Residents riled by lack of notice on Wakefield, Que industrial park registry


by admin on June 30, 2010

By Marketa Stastna

A public registry held June 23 in La Peche, inviting the municipality’s citizens to voice their opposition to the proposed construction of a light industrial park, was poorly  advertised, several concerned citizens said.

“We really did not have much notice,” said Shannon Ross of Wakefield, who cast her vote. A total of 83 people signed the registry, far short of the 500-signature quota needed to force a referendum.

“It seems to manifest some bad faith . . . with the intent of preventing the citizens of seeing the notification,” said Chantal Plamondon, another frustrated resident, who said  another half-dozen people in line to sign the registry voiced the same concern.

The registry notice was displayed at the municipal office and at one of the libraries in La Peche. That, say some who were not aware of the notices, was not enough. It left Wakefield locals largely uninformed about the upcoming registry.

According to La Peche Mayor Robert Bussiere,  the municipality has displayed the notice in two areas as required by law and “never had any criticism.” He further explained that since the registry affected the west side of Hwy 105, it was La Peche residents who needed to be informed.

Bussiere said that councillors were made aware of the registry and that he encourages  councillors to alert citizens in their respective wards. Wakefield councillor Louis Rompre agreed, saying that although he was informed of the signs, he didn’t realize Wakefield residents were excluded.

“I’m definitely going to make sure to put it (out there),” Rompre had promised, “at least in the Wakefield News.” He promised Wakefield citizens would be informed well in advance of another registry.

“Wakefield is a wonderful and complex place . . . We all want what’s best for the majority,” he explained in an email.