River protection group targets current MRC septic sludge plan


by admin on April 13, 2011

The Editor,

The public outcry against the poorly-planned regional septic sludge plant is rapidly gaining momentum. Nearly everyone who is informed about the current plan is outraged that La Peche Mayor Bussiere, as well as the other six MRC des Collines mayors, are forging ahead with plans to build a massive regional plant beside the Gatineau River without considering any options – and there are options.

Other municipalities have hired engineering firms to conduct feasibility studies to identify and analyze a range of alternatives – such as upgrading one or multiple existing plants, or working together with other regions on a multi-regional solution.

Instead, our mayors took it upon themselves to define a concept (a single regional plant beside the Gatineau River) and a technology (rotating press and aeration lagoons). Then they hired a firm to simply implement this concept.

Our region deserves more from our mayors.

That is why we have created the Citizens for the Protection of the Gatineau (Inc). Our immediate goal is to stop the current plan for the regional septic sludge treatment plant. We will use any relevant political, legal and other avenues to achieve this goal, and we will administer a Gatineau River defence fund and membership program to support these efforts. We will continue to work collaboratively with community-based groups to achieve our goal. The April 21 Rally for the Gatineau River in Chelsea is the next major upcoming event.

In the long term, we will participate in an advisory group and contribute to a plan for managing our region’s septic waste that is based on sound and thorough research, analyzes a range of options, does not release any pollution into the Gatineau River, takes public input into consideration, and respects the people who have chosen to live in this region.

Our region – and the Gatineau River – deserve nothing less.

We have retained a national legal firm to help us in our fight. If you would like to contribute to the CPG’s defence fund, you can bring or mail a cheque payable to the CPG to the Wakefield Reimax Office, 731 Riverside Dr., Wakefield, J0X 3G0.

For more information, stay tuned for updates in the Wakefield News online and http://blueskyfolk.wordpress.com. To get involved, please email us at ecolapeche@gmail.com.


Tamara Tarasoff

Farrellton, Quebec


Ed. note: The writer is president of the Citizens for the Protection of the Gatineau.