Rompre Stomp to rock Wakefield, Quebec July 24


by admin on July 22, 2010

It’s become the party that defines the Wakefield spirit. It’s the eighth annual “Rompre Stomp” at the Black Sheep Inn this Saturday, July 24.

Louis Rompre and his sons, Shawn and Chris, will celebrate the twin’s birthdays with performances by their own bands and other area acts. Judging by past turnout rates, the party -  scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. – could attract more than 500 people total.

Funktagon singer. File photo

Funktagon singer. File photo

The Sheep’s inside stage and outside deck have been booked for performances. Louis’s band ( Riverbend), Chris’s band (History Stain Project), and Shawn’s band (Funkpapon), will play inside; area entertainers, who have not yet been booked, will perform outside.

Louis Rompre expects partygoers to venture elsewhere, to the raft and other bars and restaurants along the street, too.

The Rompre Stomp began eight years ago as an average birthday party at Louis’s house. In its third year, it required upsizing to a farm before taking over the Sheep last year.

“It’s gotten to be quite an event for Wakefield,” Rompre said. “It’s very much a village thing; basically, everyone comes out for it. It’s a Wakefield spirit party, you know?”

Phil Cohen, the Village Poet, said “it’s better than having sex with an armadillo,” before adding

“it’s even better than Woodstock could have ever hoped to be,” to clarify what he meant.

Rompre said an “army of volunteers” will manage the bash. None of the bands is being paid to perform.