Same-old storyline plays out in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on February 16, 2011

The Editor,

The long-running Chelseaville saga in Chelsea, Quebec is losing its audience, according to network executives. The episode aired Feb. 1 was a tired repetition of the same old plot.

As usual, the town managers announce a plot that will make trouble for the villagers. In this plot, the managers announce that they won’t be issuing any well permits in a large area threatened with the loss of its water supply by a project the managers had already approved.

Now, in order to force people to use the gazillion-dollar water and sewer system the managers want, they tell the villagers their wells will go dry because of the approved project.

As usual, the villagers get all lathered up and angry. Without water, their vacant lots are all worthless. And if their house wells dry up because of the project, they won’t be allowed to drill new ones, and their houses will be worthless, too.

The episode ends with the town manager ordering the angry villagers to be quiet. The villagers leave, muttering among themselves.

Doug Griffin

Chelsea, Quebec