Status quo always easier


by admin on June 7, 2009

The Editor,

In my view the development of the Meredith Centre is a reasonable goal for this community and with a $6 million grant to offset the costs, the value of the project for our community is guaranteed.

Since moving to Chelsea 20 years ago I have had the opportunity to be involved in many interesting projects. Perhaps the most noteworthy was the development of the Innovation Center and the most rewarding, was my involvement in the development of the dragon boating, and canoeing programs on the Gatineau River.  In each case, the success of the project was anything but guaranteed, however, the guiding principle was always that if the project was good for the community, then the community would support it and it would succeed.  In both cases, this guiding principle has proven to be sound and well-founded.

It is always easier and more comfortable to embrace the status quo, especially in Chelsea where we are blessed with resources like the adjacent Gatineau Park and the sports facilities located in adjacent communities. However, it is only after we commit collectively to a project, that we realize that the community is the better for it.  We could no longer imagine our community without the new services.  This has certainly proven to be true with the addition of medical, physiotherapy, small business, fitness, and educational services that have been made possible, in part due to the development of the Innovation Center.

Regarding the design and the features of the Meredith Centre itself, we should realize that it will never satisfy everyone.  There will always be some second guessing over what is included and excluded.  However, we should acknowledge that the volunteers have made extensive efforts to ensure that everyone has had a chance to be heard. This has truly been a collaborative community effort that has been open and transparent, inviting full public consultation throughout.

Let’s take the next step.  We have the resources, and once this amazing project is complete, we will never look back.

The primary beneficiaries of this project will almost certainly be our children. We can never go wrong investing in our youth.

Peter Markhauser