Saying goodbye to the pennies for our generous thoughts


by admin on February 14, 2013

The Editor,


The decision to phase out the penny has not only benefitted the country’s treasury, it has proven to be of great benefit to many many charitable groups like La Maison des Collines, the palliative care centre.

Some people are under the impression that the banks are no longer accepting pennies, but I checked with both the National Bank and Caisse Populaire to satisfy myself that our campaign will continue.

Over the past year or more, the generosity of various communities has been incredible and we have collected about $6,000 as a result – partly because other coinage has found its way into the penny jars.

Apparently the Wakefield Elementary School sent home a notice to parents that the children were collecting pennies. They have, during the after-school program, been rolling pennies for some time now, and I would urge other schools to do the same.

We would like to thank the many businesses, libraries etc. who make room for our Pennies for Palliative jars. Wakefield General Store in particular is phenomenal.

Now that you can’t download your coppers at the stores, search out the closest penny jar to you. I speak for La Maison des Collines, when I say thank you to the ‘pick-up crew,’ the countless people young and old who have rolled coins, and the generous public.


Norma Geggie

Wakefield, Quebec

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