Septic plant coming to La Peche, Quebec


by admin on February 24, 2011

Farrellton will be home to a new regional septic waste treatment facility, residents learned at an MRC des Collines mayors’ meeting in Chelsea, Quebec on Feb 17. Although it has not been decided where the treatment plant will sit, there are two possibilities: Echo Dale Road and O’Connor Road.

When pushed for more information as to its size and location, the mayors were hesitant to reveal much before a report was released. At press time, it had not been posted to the MRC website.

The waste treatment plant will treat liquid sludge and compact leftover solid material for trucking away to another disposal site. The engineering firm Cima+ first chose the technology – similar to that used in Kazabazua – and picked the two potential plant sites.

Francine Dube, a member of the Echo Dale Citizens Group, said the technology is not as up to date as it should be.

“Technology has been chosen, now we are looking for the site,” Dube told the Low Down. “Still, we are not happy with the technology.”

Gatineau used to be the dumping ground for MRC des Collines sludge. But last December, the city announced it would no longer accept the septage, forcing the MRC des Collines to find an alternative.

The project cost is estimated at $5.4 million and will be paid through the MRC des Collines. In the meantime, the Des Collines sludge has been trucked to Cheneville, about 170 kilometres northwest of Montreal.

Pontiac, with its own treatment facility, is the only municipality that will not truck its septic waste to the projected Farrelton facility.

“Our municipality has always said it would take care of our own waste,” Mayor Edward McCann said, earning a round of applause at the MRC mayors’ meeting.

About 30 residents attended the Chelsea meeting and many fired questions at the mayors about the potential sites.

Echo Dale Road resident Tamara Tarasoff, who also manages the Eco La Peche blog, said she was “astounded” at the choice in sites. Echo Dale Road was a site contender last year, but residents strongly opposed the recommendation at the June 28, 2010 public consultation.

“Basically nothing has changed in this whole process,” Tarasoff said.

Following the meeting, Cantley Mayor Stephen Harris defended the project process. He said none of the residents offered concrete suggestions.

“There’s been an exhaustive search for sites all across the MRC,” he said. “If the opposition put themselves in our spot, they’d find themselves in our same situation.”

The final site design will be drafted by winter’s end, followed by a call for bids this spring and a study of the bids this summer. Construction will then begin.

The next step is a public consultation, at the Des Lacs High School in Masham on March 15, that will help narrow the two sites to one. The mayors will announce the choice at a final public meeting.

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