Sewage plant in Wakefield, Quebec boils down to clean poo or higher taxes


by admin on March 23, 2011

The Editor,

Two things are clear. We can’t stop pooping and the mayor doesn’t care much about Wakefield, Quebec and its surroundings, but that’s why we have councillors and they can save the day, if we are willing to support them financially.

I can’t imagine Louis Rompre looking forward to navigating his “canoemaran” around turds, sanitary pads and used condoms.

The planed sewage plant is nasty but necessary. We have to go somewhere with all our poop, and with a steady stream of new poopers it better be good. What we need is a plant that can seriously filter the sewage before it hits the river.

There is as always the catch: it’s going to cost a lot of money to get the filtered water we want, and that means higher taxes. Higher property taxes across the board or a special sewage tax, but we are going to have to pay to keep it clean.

The local government by now should have a number if different filtration systems and their cost on paper, so let the public see what you got. I would like to see a expose from not so clean to almost clean and very clean and what the financial burden is.

Then we can find out just how much we are willing to pay to play in a clean river.


Edwin Weber

Duclos, Quebec