Shifting your resolution out of idle


by admin on January 19, 2011

By Martti Lahtinen

So, how’s your resolution going? Remember, the earnest new year decision that you made regarding whatever it was? Oh ye-a-a-a-ah, that one.

It was momentous, taking that first step toward self-improvement in whatever category you picked. Space here doesn’t allow a comprehensive cataloguing of them, but keep this in mind: The road to swell is paved with good retentions.

The point is, you resolved to increase something – or, conversely, decrease something – a radical U-turn from days of stuffing your piehole, for example. You awakened to a hangover of recriminations. Look down, there’s the hangover. Your pants don’t fit.

Perhaps you decided the adipose storehouse needed emptying, so you bought into a gym membership as you visualized the new, svelte you in a matter of a few no-sweat casual circuits of the dazzling chromed jungle.

But the realization that work is the operative part of workout soon dulled the shine and shifted you into idle on the road to transformation. You’ve stalled and you’re looking for a push start to get your motivation back up to speed. Here are some tips:

  • Make time the most essential ingredient. Take a grid sheet showing the 168 hours in the week and plan for regular gym sessions. Don’t miss workouts.
  • Understand nutrition. Get a good book and study it for some basic facts on essentials.
  • Forget the scale. Measure your waist and hips. The waist-to-hip ratio should be

less than 1.0 for a healthy score (A good target is 0.85).

  • Understand exercise. One hour of running burns 800 calories; one honking Big Mac

with fries is about the same. Keep your intake and output in balance.

  • Eat sensible portions. A portion is the size of your fist (like an apple). Have one portion each of quality protein and quality carbohydrate at each meal.
  • Go green on carbs. Minimize the “white” stuff (breads, donuts, pastries, sugar).

Steering by the first rule of thumb – time – is easier said than done. Regulating one’s waking-hours activity will test both mettle and discipline. Consult a fitness expert on how much exercise is right for you. There are plenty of options.

Don’t fast forward into the world of unrealistic expectations. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, plan a regimen that rewards your incremental successes – two pounds a month, let’s say. The quick and easy weight-loss approaches – like their fad diet counterparts – simply don’t work. Adopt a proven tactic over time: Eat less, do more.

Never discount the buddy system. Find a workout partner – your spouse, maybe -  with similar interests and you’ve struck gold. There will be days when you’re all texted out (aw, your thumbs are sore) and any thoughts of a workout crashed long ago.

Then when your partner calls you out, telling you to get off your butt, remind yourself that some days you’ll assume the boot-camp commander’s role to kick ass. Buy him or her a beer after you both get the necessary work done.