Sierra Club to rock Wakefield, Quebec for Eco Echo


by Mark Burgess on March 25, 2010

Mag magis (A.K.A Domenic Salotti) will be rocking the Sheep with the Pelts

Mag magis (A.K.A Domenic Salotti) will be rocking the Sheep with the Pelts

The Sierra Club is taking up the fight for Wakefield, Quebec’s Eco Echo environmental campus, helping the project with an email-writing campaign, providing media relations support and campaign advice, and raising funds at The Pelts’ concert at the Black Sheep Inn March 25.

The band’s saxophonist, Daniel Spence, doubles in real life as Director of Communications for Sierra Club Canada, a well-known environmental group. “This is totally the kind of thing the Sierra Club is interested in,” said Spence, who contacted Eco Echo owner and friend Christopher Minnes after hearing about the conflict over the proposed industrial park on the radio.

Spence attended the March 14 community meeting at the Black Sheep Inn, where he said he saw a lot of local interest in the matter and decided it was the kind of grassroots campaign his organization could support. He described the two options for the land as a model for sustainable eco development and a resource for the area versus a “growth-economy tax-grab” by a municipality that isn’t as progressive as its residents. The full share of The Pelts’ door proceeds will go to the Sierra Club’s campaign. Spence also organized a bus from Ottawa for $20, ticket included, whose profits will go to the organization. Tickets for the March 27 show cost $7. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. For more information on the Sierra Club’s campaign for Eco Echo visit To listen to The Pelts, visit <>