Site set for palliative care home in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on February 7, 2013


The La Maison des Collines committee stakes out the site for the new palliative care home. The facility sit across from the Wakefield Memorial Hospital on about 4.5 acres of land. Photo courtesy Dr. Vanessa Cardy

Dr. Vanessa Cardy called it Wakefield, Quebec’s “worst-kept secret.” Now the site of Wakefield’s palliative care home is official. But “a third of the village” already knows about it.

In case you have not been in the loop, the La Maison des Collines respite care home will sit across from the Wakefield Memorial Hospital on about 4.5 acres of land.

The committee planning the six-bed facility for the Gatineau Hills has been in negotiations about refurbishing the old Farrellton elementary school or another building in Wakefield for the centre.

But when those potential sites fell through, the municipality offered up the land across from the hospital. That means the estimated $1.5-million initial cost has been scrapped, said Dr. David Gold, who sits on the committee with Dr. Cardy.

In a sense, we’re back to Square 1,” said Dr. Gold, at the La Peche Sports Complex in Masham for the site announcement Feb. 4. “We don’t have a firm number.”

The old school in Farrellton was “much too big” for the planned six-bedroom space and would be too costly to maintain. It was also slightly out of the way for the CSSS des Collines catchment area, said Dr. Gold.

La Maison des Collines will treat patients who are in the latter few months of their lives. It will provide respite care, temporary accommodation for pain, volunteer training and support for family members.

So far, the committee has raised $160,000, including pledges and committee member Norma Geggie’s penny fundraiser.

The committee is planning to open the facility Sept. 14, 2014, which coincides with Geggie’s 90th birthday. Stay tuned for an official launch and more fundraisers.

For more information, visit You can also contact or call 819-271-8380.

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