Son’s rallying cry for Low, Quebec arena recalls dad’s community work


by admin on February 23, 2011

The Editor,

When I think of the Low, Quebec arena, I can’t help but think of my dad, Brian Cahill. He was a full-time dairy farmer at the time that the arena was constructed.

Still to this day I cannot understand where he got the energy to unselfishly dedicate hundreds of volunteer hours in its construction and in its subsequent operation. I was aware of the sacrifices Dad made to this community goal and was inspired by both his dedication and my mother’s unquestionable support for him in doing so.

Dad always said that he wanted the children of the community to have the opportunity to play and develop their skills just as those who lived in the larger centres. In his youth, he was a local hockey star who set many records and is now honoured in the Central Gatineau Hockey League’s hockey hall of fame.

The armoire in our living room, which was packed with trophies, served evidence of his accomplishments. I remember how impressed I was when he won three awards one year and instead of giving him three trophies, they gave him one giant trophy.

My dad didn’t have the chance to play hockey until much later than most of the local youth. But when he did start, it was evident that he was gifted. I often wonder if Dad regretted not having the opportunity to start earlier and play in arenas where his talent would have led him, perhaps, to an entirely different career. He was that good.

And so, I can understand his dedication to the arena. I can understand my mother supporting his dedication and her becoming a volunteer as well.

Low is a community that is built of families that have lived there for generations. I am sure that there is a similar story to tell for each family that contributed. So my hat goes off to all those that made it possible and asked for nothing in return.

Let’s vote so that Low wins the prize in the 2011 Kraft Hockeyville competition!
Jed Cahill,

Ottawa, Ontario