Spandex nightmares


by admin on February 20, 2014

The Editor,


In response to John Trent’s Valley Voices piece (Feb. 12):

I had a dream last night. Or, more accurately, it was a nightmare. In a fitful sleep, I saw endless hordes of cyclists dressed in their battle gear of tight spandex, eyes hidden from view by expensive sunglasses, breathing heavily and pressing with their two-wheeled machines against the invisible boundary separating Chelsea from Gatineau/Ottawa. Their goal was clear enough: to invade Chelsea. With a shudder, I awoke.

Now, let’s all deal with reality. The steam train will not receive the millions of dollars in government funding that it needs to run yet again along the Gatineau River. It is (with all due respect to those who have steadfastly sought its rebirth) finished. The use of this corridor as a year-round community trail will be much the same as its use as a winter community trail has proven to be, a place to take a quiet walk and meet up with your neighbours.

I think it’s time for everyone to give themselves a pinch to make sure that they’re awake.


James Grimes

Chelsea, QC

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